I’m Scott Duncan, candidate for Jasper County Sheriff in the upcoming 2024 Republican primary election.

I moved to Kirbyville in Jasper County in the 1980’s with my family. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and we have 3 wonderful children. Every day I work to live by the principles set forth in The Bible and value honesty, integrity, and hard work.

I began my law enforcement career 21 years ago as a correctional officer in Newton County, and shortly after was hired as a jailer at Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. As a jailer, I was determined to be a successful peace officer, so I earned my Peace Officer’s License in 2003 and was later hired as a Jasper County Deputy. From there, I worked diligently at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office to serve the citizens, which resulted in promotions to Investigator, Narcotics Investigator, and ultimately Chief Deputy, where I serve today.

Throughout my career, I have taken as many opportunities as I could to learn law enforcement skills, methods, and tactics. Some of my professional training includes Active Shooter Response specifically for schools and churches, Mental Health Officer, Terrorism Response, Crime Scene Investigations, Civilian Interactions, Child Abuse Prevention Investigatons, D.A.R.E. Program, Undercover Operations and Surveillance, SWAT Operations, Narcotics and Illegal Drug Enforcement, Region Counterdrug Training Academy. I am Special Investigations and SWAT certified. I have worked with the U.S. Marshals as a Deep East Texas Fugitive Task Force Officer and regularly work closely with State, Federal, and other local agencies.

As Jasper County Chief Deputy, I have experience with financial and administrative operations of the Sheriff’s Office and working with the Commissioner’s Court.

I take great pride in Jasper County and have worked with respect and determination in the 16 years I have served the people and businesses of Jasper County. I plan to efficiently and honorably operate the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office in accordance with my values and principles. One of my goals for the Sheriff’s Office is to continue strengthening the reputation that we have gained over the years to make the Jasper County Sheriff's Office a better place inside and out, and serve the people of Jasper County with the proper, adequate, and professional law enforcement they deserve. I have a plan to improve employee retention and recruit talented people to the Sheriff’s Office. I have a plan to improve benefits and pay for our officers, and provide them with proper training and equipment so that they can safely and effectively serve Jasper County.

Above all, my priorities are The People of Jasper County, upholding the U.S. Constitution, and making the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office an agency that we can all be proud of. A big “THANK YOU!” to everyone supporting me during this campaign - Let’s keep the momentum moving in the right direction for the people of Jasper County.